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AMC on Economical Basis
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Labour Contract for the Above Mentioned Equipment.
Dear Sir,
You will agree with us that if the equipment is to give satisfactory service, periodical checking and proper maintenance are necessary. A minor fault, when not detected and rectified in time, often leads to damage involving heavy unforeseen expenditure on repairs.

You will be glad to know that, under our Maintenance Service, your unit/s will receive all care/attention, and it requires ensuring trouble free working.

Many of our esteemed customers have welcomed this service and taken advantage of it.

The enclosed Maintenance Service leaflet covers the details of the scheme.
Under AMC, the company undertakes to inspect services and maintain you’re above-mentioned equipment for a period of ONE YEAR. During the said period, the company’s representative will carry our periodical inspection that is monthly or on request as per complaint.
During the validity of the contract, services will be provided during normal business hours of the company. The equipment will be properly tested, repaired & kept in working condition. The company shall bring to your attention the condition of the equipment or submit our recommendations to maintain perfectly in working condition.
3. You will take following precautions for the equipment. 

(A) Avoid placing objects over the equipment. 
(B) Avoid water/liquid spillage over the equipment. 
(C) Any breakdown due to fire, misuse, accident, improper handling or tampering does not form a       part of the contract.
4. During the period of contract, you will not allow any unauthorized person to tamper with equipment.
5. The contract will be effective only from the date of realization of cheque.
If under any circumstances services are given on Sunday / holiday the same will be on additional payment basis of Rs.500/- (for half day) and Rs.1000 (for full day) for single person.
7. Payment Terms
  When the service contract is issued, it should accompany a crossed A/c payee cheque, issued for full AMC amount in favour of M/s. SJ SECURITY SYSTEMS PVT. LTD., New Delhi.
  I/We accept the above contract for
Rs.* :
In Words*:
Customer’s signature with rubber stamp. (LABOUR CONTRACT ONLY)
To Run System Smoothly, kindly Release the AMC Contract Along- with Full Payment as Early as Possible.

PS.: Whenever you call us for a complaint, please note that it will be attended the next day only, Because our staff leaves at 9:30 from the office and also we always plan for one day in  Advance.

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