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1. CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV Remote Surveillance System allows audio and video signals to be monitored via LAN or WAN in the place of installation. 

We provide a system which comprises of different types of CCTV surveillance camera.

There are various types of CCTV Surveillance Camera-

  1. HD (High Definition) Cameras
  2.  IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras
  3. Lift Camera 
  4. Bus Surveillance Camera 
  5. Under Vehicle Camera


2. Customized Electronic Safe

Electronic safe is a shielded box to protect confidential documents and jewellery. 

Made in India electronic safes can be customised with different types of digital locks and can be made as per your length, width and height.

There are two types of Electronic safe available with us:-

  1. Fire Resistant
  2. Non – Fire Resistant


3. Digital Door Locks

Digital door lock provides not only security but also convenience. It becomes easy to monitor entry of individuals in the house or an organization.

Choose from our wide variety of elegant designs to lit up your royal house. 

There are three types of Digital Door Lock available with us-

  1.  Mortise digital door lock
  2.  Rim digital door lock 
  3.  Glass digital door lock 


4. Access Control

Access Control System restricts access to a building or designated area. Thus, increases the safety of employees when entering a business. It is much faster to swipe a card than to fumble around for a key.

There are different types of Access Control with us-

  1. Password Access Control
  2. Fingerprint Access Control
  3. RFID card Access Control
  4. Face recognition Access Control


5. Currency Counting Machine

A Currency Counting Machine is capable of counting notes at a much faster rate than a human would and can handle a lot of Cash at the same time.

Counting machines helps in improving accuracy in cash counting

There are various types of Currency Counting Machine-

  1. Counting only
  2. Value Counter
  3. Loose Note Counter 
  4. Bundle Note Counter
  5. Table Top counter
  6. Floor Model


6. Alarm System

A security alarm is a system that gives you first hand alert through hooter and strobe light about intrusion or unauthorized entry into a building or house.

Features of Alarm System:-

  1. Zones Expandable To 24
  2. Multiple communication options
  3. 5-year battery life with typical usage.
  4. Wall & cover tamper.


7. Smart Cabinet Locks

To make sure valuables are safe, the need has emerged to have a smart lock to secure your drawers and cabinets with ease.

We offer wide range of products to choose from according to your budget and decor 

There are four types of  Smart Cabinet Locks with us-

  1. Pin Number Smart Cabinet Lock
  2. Fingerprint Smart Cabinet Lock
  3. RFID Smart Cabinet Lock
  4. Bluetooth Smart Cabinet Lock


8. Fire Safety products

Fire safety measures include (Fire Extinguishers, Fire Kits, heat detectors)  that prevent ignition of an uncontrolled fire.

There are different types of Fire safety products-

  1. Smoke Detector
  2. Panic Switches
  3. Hooter
  4. Control Panels
  5. Fire Extinguisher


9. Boom Barrier

A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar, or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular or pedestrian access through a controlled point.

It increases security of the premises and  control the flow of traffic.

10. Paper Shredder

A paper shredder is a electro- mechanical device used to destroy any confidential, or sensitive documents into either strips or fine particles. 

It is a helpful device to destroy the document before it gets into wrong hands. We offer variety of paper shredders to choose from.

11. Crowd Management

Managing crowd is made so easy with electronic devices such as  token display system. It provides customer satisfaction and enhances customer experience. 

It can be used at hospitals, food outlets, malls, etc

12. Time Attendance System

Time attendance machine is an automated time tracking system of employees based on their IN/OUT movement through the system. The data is collected and can be reviewed easily by the authority. Authority can also monitor in real-time.

We have finger, face, RFID card , pintype, retina based time attendance machines are available with us. 

13. Key Management Box

Secure and manage your home, car, safe keys in this durable wall mounted product. It is a feasible solution to organise and store keys. 


14. Emergency Exit Light

Rechargeable Emergency Exit Light is designed to guide people to safety during an emergency.

Rechargeable Emergency Exit Light is a stand-alone system, that will stay lit during a power failure.

It’s a wall mounter and needs a 220V, 50Hz powerpoint to charge the batteries

15. Signages

Signages are symbols or  words, used for directions or warning.

The glass-like quality of acrylic looks clean and sophisticated. They are highly durable.  As per your need, we will give you a customized solution.

Multiple type of Signages are available :-

  • Painted on wall
  • LED installed
  • Painted on glass
  • Double printed on glass
  • For parking lot 

You can get it customized as you want.

16. Metal Detector

Metal detectors detect iron, nickel, copper, brass, aluminium, tin, lead, gold, silver and bronze.

General-purpose metal detectors can find hidden metal objects such as jewellery, coins etc.

Two types of metal detectors:-

  1. Hand held metal detectors
  2. Door frame type


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